Thank you for helping us!

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Since the beginning of this project, we have received an incredible amount of help from all horizons. We needed people to make this web site, get the authorizations from the government, find the teachers, make the constructions in the schools, and provide funds. We just raised a hand and asked for some help and people volunteered in all the fields of this project and gave birth to Keelonga.

We thank all of our helpers and sponsors, who, by their work, time, and money, demonstrated an unbelievable cooperation and solidarity towards all the "Keelongas."

Here are our contributors:


Carmelita Celi

Karim Barday

Anne Barday


Association Fihavanana

Safir Meralli Ballou

François Wagner

Jérôme Santini

Mohib Pirbay

American School of Antananarivo

Quincaillerie Atsimo

Mrs. Esther

Mr. Gilbert

Salvatore Celi

Lanika Premdjee

Assunta Arnese

Anna Verde

Mrs. Simona

Mary Warlick

Willard Burce

Douglas and Martha Brettler

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