Elementary Schools in Rural Madagascar

Our Goal

"Keelonga" means children in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar.

Our goal is to make it easy for every kid to get elementary education in all rural areas in Madagascar.

To achieve this, we identify and select public elementary schools located in rural areas that are in obvious need of infrastructure repair and maintenance and/or with insufficient number of teachers. After discussing with the administration of the school and the students’ parents, we decide on an action plan.

To date, Keelonga takes directly care of more than 2500 children distributed in 18 elementary schools in the vicinity of Antananarivo. We permanently employ, thanks to our sponsors, 11 teachers and 8 workers for maintenance and repair of the schools.

We also provide water wells in the schools which often lack running water.

We appreciate your help, please contact us.

Our partners: Operation Smile and iLemur

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